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FDA: Possibility of Additional Problems with NECC Products

Press release from the Tennessee Department of Health; October 15, 2012: 

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Health and other state health departments across the United States today received information from the Food and Drug Administration that there is evidence indicating possible additional problems with products from the New England Compounding Center. To access the FDA announcement, please go to:

As the FDA launches a national effort to notify clinicians about the possibility of additional materials from NECC which may pose a risk to patients, the Tennessee Department of Health will support this effort through outreach. TDH urges all Tennesseans to be alert to messages from their physician concerning possible exposure to products from NECC. FDA is advising a heightened awareness of any symptoms of infection in those persons who were exposed to NECC products.

The Tennessee Department of Health will use the Tennessee Health Alert Network and other avenues of communication to reach out to medical professionals statewide with this new information from FDA.

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