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FDA Admits Disseminating ‘Incorrect Data’ on Meningitis-Linked Facilities

Press release from the Tennessee Department of Health; October 23, 2012: 

NASHVILLE – The Food and Drug Administration has posted a message to its website citing some technical problems and incorrect data with a list of facilities earlier believed to have received suspect medication from the New England Compounding Center.

That list had been used by the Tennessee Department of Health and other state health departments to notify health care facilities they had received potentially unsafe injectable medications used in some eye and heart surgeries.

The FDA said it is working to correct the list and will repost it to the FDA website when staff members are sure it is accurate. The Tennessee Department of Health used the FDA-supplied information to identify 74 facilities in the state receiving suspect materials. TDH withdrew that information from its website today, and is now waiting to receive corrected information. If corrected information reveals facilities in Tennessee need to be notified, TDH will do so promptly. TDH believes the corrected list will identify significantly fewer Tennessee facilities affected by the recall.

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