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Maggart: Voter ID Ruling Goes ‘Beyond Clear Intent of Law’

Press Release from the GOP Caucus of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Oct. 25, 2012:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Representative Debra Maggart (R—Hendersonville), who authored the voter ID requirement in Tennessee, today released the following statement on today’s Tennessee Court of Appeal decision:

“While I am encouraged our law was ruled constitutional, the fact the Court decided to add to it is disappointing.

“Since 2006, this legislation has been a priority of mine. I have worked with my colleagues to develop a law that is both constitutional and narrow in scope that protects the integrity of the ballot box here in Tennessee.

“Not only has the Court gone beyond the clear intent of the law by allowing library cards, it has also created an exception for the city of Memphis that falls below the standard for the rest of Tennessee. This is the definition of ‘legislating from the bench’ and, frankly, is unacceptable.

“Tennesseans overwhelmingly support a common sense photo identification requirement that ensures the person issued the ID is, in fact, a citizen of Tennessee. Since the library system is not equipped to verify an individual’s legal status, the Court has purposefully undermined the will of Tennesseans with today’s decision.”

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