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TFA Criticizes Safe Commute Bill as a Trap for Employees

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; February 13, 2013:

HB0118 is the House version of the Safe Commute law. It was presented by Rep. Faison in House Civil Subcommittee on 2/13. It passed out easily on a voice vote and without any debate from any Republican members of the committee – all of whom had been alerted to the omissions and holes in the bill in advance.

What will surprise some people is that the bill does not protect the employee’s job – it only removes some criminal penalties (there may still be possible criminal charges such as criminal trespass).

Essentially, the law is a Georgia style law because the employers will retain the ability to fire any employee with cause (that is, deny you unemployment benefits) if you are found to be or are even suspected to have a firearm in your car.

See 11 minutes into the video…

This bill is poorly written, it creates traps for employees.

It also explains why Federal Express, and the other very vocal opponents of the bill are not making the same kind of fuss that they have made the last 4 years to this bill. There is no loud opposition because they have been given the escape clause that they wanted.

We understand that the NRA is supporting this bill.

The bill next goes to the full committee – perhaps as early as next week.

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because that decision by employers is not absolute and only a fool would think it is. There are all kinds of things, including Title VII issues, that restrict an employer’s actions. There are public policy exceptions to employer action. There are literally tons of things that an employer cannot take into consideration in hiring, firing or discipline an employee. All TFA is saying apparently is that taking legal steps to protect your life going to and from work is significant enough that it should be an exception as well.

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