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General Assembly Approves Bills Aimed at Eliminating Uneccesary Laws

Press release from the Office of the Speaker of the Tennessee House Beth Harwell; April 10, 2013:

NASHVILLE – Three bills that seek to eliminate dozens of unnecessary Tennessee laws have been approved by the Tennessee General Assembly and are now headed to the Governor for his signature. The bills are a result of a summer project that saw House research analysts and legal staff examine portions of the Tennessee Code Annotated relative to their expertise and draft proposals to eliminate laws that were determined to be antiquated or unnecessary.

Speaker Harwell asked Representatives Joe Carr (R-Lascassas), Sheila Butt (R-Columbia), and Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) to guide the legislation through the legislative process on her behalf.

“One thing we hear from our constituents consistently is that there are too many laws on the books,” said Speaker Harwell. “I directed our staff to review our laws with the purpose of identifying archaic, unnecessary, and outdated language in an effort to ‘clean up the code.’ I sincerely appreciate the hard work of our House research team and legal staff. They spent several months poring over our laws and these three bills were the result.”

“I was proud to carry this legislation on behalf of Speaker Harwell. We promised Tennesseans we would work to reform government, and these bills do just that,” said Representative Joe Carr.

House Bills 325, 396, and 890 eliminate dozens of laws relating to transportation, finance, and commerce. In several cases, the bills also clarify certain language or delete repetitive or conflicting laws. Statutes pertaining to programs that have since been abolished by the federal government, reports that were assigned to come from entities that no longer exist, and several instances of repetitive language are examples of laws slated to be eliminated.

Representative Sheila Butt added, “After years of writing and rewriting laws, many simply become redundant, while others were severely outdated. This effort, which we hope to continue, will streamline our laws and make them easier to interpret.”

“This effort will bring clarity and simplicity to some of our laws in Tennessee,” said Representative Susan Lynn. “I am proud of the work we have done, and the broad support of all three bills in both the House and Senate is appreciated.”

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