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TNGOP: Legislature Passes Budget Cutting Taxes, Increasing Education Funds

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Party; April 18, 2013:

Republican Lawmakers Pass Balanced Budget, Democrats Try to Backdoor ObamaCare on Tennesseans

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Late in the day on Wednesday, Republicans in the General Assembly passed a $32.7 billion dollar balanced budget that cut taxes for all Tennesseans, increased funding for education, and placed $100 million into the state’s rainy day fund.

Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party Chris Devaney stated, “Senate and House Republicans should be commended for passing a balanced budget that cuts taxes and meets the needs of Tennesseans. Moreover, I am thankful for their leadership in fending off several Democrat attempts to load up this budget with wasteful spending and bad policy.”

The Senate version passed 32-0. But in the House, Democrats attempted to push bad politics and more government spending on the budget with multiple amendments, including a backdoor attempt to bring ObamaCare to Tennessee.

Amendment number three, sponsored by Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh (D—Ripley), sought to add over $3 billion to the budget in an attempt to implement the widely unpopular Medicaid expansion called for under ObamaCare. 26 House Democrat signed onto the amendment (see attached photo). The amendment failed 70-28 with all House Republicans opposing the egregious spending.

Ultimately, the balanced spending plan passed the House 83-14.

“Democrats want to try every conceivable way to hurt the doctor-patient relationship, cause health care premiums to skyrocket, and impose a one-size fits all approach on all of us,” said Devaney. “Tennesseans have continually rejected ObamaCare and yet Democrats are still trying to force feed us this bad policy by copying Washington Democrats’ wasteful spending addiction.”

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