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TNGOP Targets Gloria Johnson

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Party; April 25, 2013:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—As lawmakers return home following the conclusion of the legislative session, Tennesseans are reviewing the public record of their lawmakers and some of what they are finding is embarrassing.

Take, for instance, the record of Representative Gloria Johnson (D—Knoxville).

In a short four-month period as a legislator, Rep. Johnson:

  • Spent the last four months harassing and opposing Governor Bill Haslam’s common sense reform agenda for education and spending.
  • Voted against a bill that protects doctors who provide free medical care to low-income patients who need urgent attention.
  • Filed a self-serving bill she would personally benefit from.
  • Supported the implementation of ObamaCare in Tennessee.
  • Voted to strip worker’s rights protections from Tennessee law.
  • Stood against Knox County teachers having the ability to protect students.
  • Chose to not record a vote on a ban of the state income tax that would protect Tennessee families from having more of their hard-earned money taken by government.
  • Voted against a balanced state budget that meets the needs of our state and cuts taxes for all Tennesseans.
  • Voted against cutting the sales tax on groceries for all Tennesseans.
  • Voted against phasing out the death tax to save Tennessee families and farms from being double-taxed on their assets.
  • Voted against an initiative to find and remove examples of government waste.  

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney made the following statement about Rep. Johnson’s legislative performance.

“Representative Johnson was sent to Nashville to represent her constituents and this dismal performance was anything but that. It is troubling to see that her priorities were not carrying and passing good legislation, but rather being focused on updating her social media accounts with personal attacks on our leaders. Tennesseans hold their elected officials to a higher standard and expect them to work tirelessly on their behalf. Instead, she put petty personal politics above what’s best for Tennessee.”

He concluded, “I look forward to talking about Gloria Johnson’s embarrassing track record with her constituents over the next year and a half.”

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