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Sara Kyle Continues Testing Political Waters of a 2014 Gubernatorial Bid

Press release from the Run, Sara, Run PAC; September 12, 2013:

MEMPHIS, TN — Following an electrifying appearance at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s Jackson Day celebration, where thousands of supporters urged her to “Run, Sara, Run,” former Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Sara Kyle continues to test the viability of a run for Governor in 2014.

“She is doing at this point what Governor Haslam has failed to do for his entire first term — taking time to sit and listen to real Tennesseans,” said Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson. “What she’s hearing is that people are worried about the future. Families across the state are telling her that this Governor has no clue what kind of challenges they’re facing.”

Last week, an inquiry from the Tennessean newspaper revealed that the Governor owned shares in “K12 Inc.,” a for-profit virtual school company that Haslam authorized to operate in the state in 2011. The company was heavily criticized for its poor academic offerings and, according to the Tennessean, “has ranked among the worst in the state in each of its two years of existence.”

This follows similar allegations that Haslam held personal investments in Jones Lang Lasalle, a real estate consultancy that secured a $330 million contract with the State of Tennessee’s Department of General Services.

Tennessee’s unemployment rate is still higher than the national average,” says former Shelby County Commission Chair Deidre Malone. “Under this Governor, our families are missing out on the national economic recovery. He is failing in his promise that we would become the number one location for high-quality jobs, because he has a major disconnect with what middle class families need to succeed in this economy. His politically-motivated rejection of Medicaid funds leaves thousands of Tennesseans more vulnerable than ever.”

“We’re rapidly becoming not just three Grand Divisions, but truly two totally different states — one for the wealthy and well-connected, and another one for the rest of us. It doesn’t have to be this way, but Tennessee is going to need a much stronger leader if we’re going to change course.”

“I’ve known Sara for a long time,” says Tennessee Democratic Party Vice-Chair Elisa Parker. “She was raised to believe that all people have worth, regardless of their wealth. She would bring a set of values and understanding about the challenges middle class families face that we desperately need right now. We need a Governor who will work to invest in Tennessee’s people — not his mutual funds. We need Sara to run because we know she can win.”

Run Sara Run PAC officials have also confirmed that Sara will attend the Hamilton County Democratic Party’s annual Estes Kefauver Dinner. Details are available at

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