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Carr Takes on Alexander over $3B Kentucky Dam Project

Press release from the Joe Carr Campaign for U.S. Senate; October 21, 2013:

Nashville, TN — Today, the Joe Carr for Senate campaign released it’s first television advertisement, drawing attention to Senator Alexander’s sell out of conservatives on spending cuts and defunding ObamaCare, as well as his effort to include a $3 billion pet project in the recent bill to re-open the government.

“Senator Alexander sold out conservatives while pushing a $3 billion pet project in a backroom deal. I would have voted against the Reid-Alexander compromise and never would have fought for a pet project. That’s a real difference between Senator Alexander and I that voters should know about,” said Conservative Republican candidate Joe Carr.

The ad will run statewide on Fox News and online during the coming week.

The ad can be viewed here.

The script:

Joe Carr to camera:

Washington’s broken and it’s getting worse.

For weeks, conservatives fought the good fight to cut spending and defund ObamaCare.

Lamar Alexander however, was behind closed doors trading favors

Amid the chaos, Lamar snuck in three billion dollars for a dam . . . like this one.

Three billion for a dam? No darn way.

I’m Joe Carr. I approve this message because I want to return our country to the constitutional principles that made it great.

Join me at

Representative Joe Carr is an announced candidate running against Sen. Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican Primary. He is a principled conservative who believes that Washington needs to return to our founding core principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty, and free and fair markets.

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