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Carr Claims Credit for Alexander’s Reversal on Sebelius Resignation

Press release from the Joe Carr Campaign for U.S. Senate; October 29, 2013:

Under fire from Conservative Joe Carr, Lamar flip-flops on Sebelius

Nashville, TN –Just one day after Conservative Senate candidate Joe Carr criticized Senator Alexander for his refusal to call for Secretary Sebelius’s dismissal, Senator Alexander dramatically reversed his position.

“I’m glad that Senator Alexander has reversed his position and now admits I was right. But its unfortunate he only did the right thing after political pressure. Unlike Senator Alexander, I’ll fight for our conservatives principles from day one.”

Last week, Senator Alexander gave an interview to Fox News in which he was asked if Sebelius should be fired. Alexander responded: “Well, that’s up to the President. I think he should make that decision.”

On Monday, Carr released the following statement:

“ObamaCare is a disaster and the implementation is even worse. It’s time for Kathleen Sebelius to be held accountable for the debacle she helped create. Senator Alexander’s refusal to call for her ouster is further proof he is well to the left of the conservative mainstream,” said Carr.

Today, Lamar reversed his position.

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