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Statehouse Dems Slam TN Republicans for Tax-Cut Fondness

Press Release from the Tennessee House Democratic Caucus, Jan. 9, 2014:

Republican Policies Failing Tennessee; Forecasts show that Tennessee will rank 44th in job creation in 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A new jobs forecast by Moody’s Analytics shows that Tennessee may have one of the worst job creation rates in the country this year. The report, released by Stateline, estimates that Tennessee will rank 44th in job creation in 2014 with a 1.23% growth rate, which is the worst in the entire Southeast region.

“Tennessee has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and the top priority of the Republican leadership is wine in grocery stores?” said House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh. “Clearly investors and economists are trying to send the majority party a message about their priorities, but so far, it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening.”

Tennessee ranks 43rd in the nation for unemployment rates according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Tennessee’s 8.1% unemployment rate is over one point higher than the national average rate of seven percent.

“Republicans have spent the last three years cutting taxes for the rich and making it harder for working men and women to make a living,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner. “Trickle-down economics hasn’t worked in the 30 years it has been tried, so why did they think it would be any different in Tennessee? It is time to build our economy from the bottom up by raising the standard of living for working families, creating more job opportunities for the middle class, and investing in an education system that prepares our children for the 21st century economy.”

House Democrats have listed jobs, education and people as their top priorities for the 2014 session which begins on Tuesday, January 14. Democrats will present bills that allow for more investment in small businesses, raise the minimum wage for working men and women in Tennessee, and expand Medicaid – which will save and create thousands of jobs throughout the state.

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