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Carr Invokes Rand Paul in Debate Challenge to Lamar

Press release from the campaign for Joe Carr for U.S. Senate; June 30, 2014:

Nashville, TN – Just as then candidate-Rand Paul fought for debates against the establishment candidate in his 2010 primary, Tennessee State Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Carr today challenged Senator Lamar Alexander to a series of debates.

“I challenge Lamar Alexander to debate before any impartial group,” said Carr. ”As Tennessee’s senior Senator, Lamar Alexander has voted to support amnesty, confirm President Obama’s hand-picked choice to implement ObamaCare and joined the President on his ‘War on Coal.’ Tennesseans deserve a full and robust debate so they can make the most informed decision on who truly represents their best interests.”

Sen. Alexander today is participating in an event with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who as a candidate in 2010, spoke out on the importance of debates saying “voters deserve a more serious discussion about the future of our country.”

“As a candidate for Senate, Rand Paul’s establishment opponent ducked, dodged and avoided debates – since they are together today, I wonder if Senator Paul still believes in the value and importance of debates and if he thinks that Lamar Alexander should commit to a series of debates throughout Tennessee,” added Carr.

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