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Carr Picks Up Tea Party Patriots Fund Endorsement

Press release from the Campaign for Joe Carr for U.S. Senate; July 10, 2014:

Nashville, TN – The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund today announced its support of the Joe Carr for Senate campaign joining a growing coalition standing behind Carr and against incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander.

“I am very proud that the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has joined with us in our fight against a broken Washington establishment led by Lamar Alexander, who put the interests of 11 million illegal immigrants ahead of our working families,” said Carr. “Every day, America’s workers are under siege from a radical agenda driven by Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Lamar Alexander. The current border crisis created by the Obama-Reid-Alexander amnesty agenda should give all Tennesseans a tangible idea of what’s at stake in this campaign and the choice they will make on August 7th.”

In a statement released this morning, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said, “Joe Carr embodies the values of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future. In contrast to his incumbent opponent, Joe is willing to take the fight to both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans in defense of liberty. While Joe Carr has been a genuine leader – not just a reliable vote – in the fight against illegal immigration, Lamar Alexander voted with Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and John McCain for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. Joe wants to preserve American sovereignty; Lamar Alexander’s policies are producing a human wave of criminality and disease on the Rio Grande. Lamar Alexander is wrong on Obamacare and wrong on amnesty. Fortunately, conservatives in Tennessee have a choice, and we urge them to give Joe Carr their vote and their support. We’re proud to endorse him,” she continued.

The Joe Carr for Senate campaign has received the endorsement of 20 members of the Tennessee State Legislature and more than 60 conservative groups in Tennessee. This month, the campaign has also gone up statewide with two television ads – “Listen” and “Crisis in America.”

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Joe Carr will be getting both our votes (my wife and I). He is a solid conservative that represents true conservative values. Lamar has become a “big Washington insider” and doesn’t represent Tennessee conservatives. He has abandoned the Republican party platform.

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