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Ball Pushes Lamar for Response on Amendment 1 Vote

Press Release from the Gordon Ball for U.S. Senate Campaign, July 18, 2014:

Sen. Lamar Alexander was asked a simple question yesterday by Gordon Ball, democratic candidate for US Senate, on Fox Memphis 13. “How was Lamar going to vote on Amendment 1 when he returned from Washington?”

Alexander has declined to respond to media requests or to the candidate.

“This extreme amendment would give legislators unbridled control over what women can do with their bodies after they have been raped, victims of incest or if their lives are in jeopardy,” Ball said. “Private healthcare decisions should be made by a woman with her family, her faith and her doctor.”

A recent poll by Vanderbilt University revealed that more than 70 percent of Tennesseans are opposed to Amendment 1.

“This sets a dangerous precedent for women’s healthcare,” Ball added.”I asked a fair question, and believe Tennesseans deserve a straight answer. Lamar is a darling of the special interest PACs funding this attack on women’s rights, so he should be happy to explain why he is willing to force his ideological will on victims of rape and incest and women fighting for their lives.”

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