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TN Right to Life Joins Fight to Unseat Supremes

Press release from the Tennessee Forum; August 1, 2014:

NASHVILLE – Late yesterday, Tennessee Right to Life, the largest pro-life organization in Tennessee, put the full weight of its organization behind the effort to replace Supreme Court Judges Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Gary Wade.

“The replacement effort has been building support and catching fire across the state,” said Susan Kaestner, President of The Tennessee Forum. “We are pleased to see Tennessee Right to Life speaking out on the importance of replacing the liberals on our Supreme Court.”

Tennessee Right to Life’s full endorsement letter is below.

Dear Members of Tennessee Right to Life,

Early voting is underway and Tennessee Right to Life is receiving many inquiries regarding the August 7 vote to replace three Supreme Court Justices.

Tennessee Right to Life is leading the critical campaign to win passage of Amendment 1 in the November election. It is important to note, however, that Amendment 1 is only necessary because of the judicial arrogance of the Tennessee Supreme Court. In the landmark case of Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist, members of the state Supreme Court imagined themselves entitled to amend our Tennessee Constitution on the matter of abortion without the consent of Tennessee’s people.

Not only were common sense safeguards for the unborn and abortion-vulnerable women immediately stripped from state law books, so was any opportunity to adapt the challenged laws because the Tennessee Supreme Court established abortion as a so-called “fundamental right” in the Tennessee Constitution. With their radical pro-abortion ruling favoring Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, activist judges made clear that efforts by the people and our elected officials to “infringe” on this new right would not be tolerated.

So now we find ourselves facing the most significant and expensive abortion vote ever in Tennessee to nullify the Court’s terrible ruling and restore the rights of Tennesseans to have a voice in abortion policy and regulation.

Equally important is the matter of judges who place their policy preferences over those of the people. The opportunity to “replace” Justices Clark, Lee and Wade sends a strong message that we expect our judges to interpret the Constitution, not re-write it. Each was appointed by a pro-abortion Governor and enjoys the support of a pro-abortion establishment actively working to defeat pro-life Amendment 1.

For members seeking direction from Tennessee Right to Life PAC as to how your votes can best serve the cause of Life and the unborn in our state, we respectfully urge your votes to REPLACE Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Gary Wade.

Toward that Goal,

Brian Harris, President
Tennessee Right to Life

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