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TN SOS Election Night Websites to Watch

Press release from Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett; Aug. 4, 2014:

Unofficial election results for state and federal races will be posted on after the polls close Thursday night. However, due to the length of the ballot, county election officials may be reporting those results more slowly than usual.

“We rely on county election officials to send the results to our office as quickly as possible and they do a great job in reporting the numbers to us,” Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins said. “The long ballot requires more time to close a precinct. Furthermore, counties entering the results into the state database will require a tremendous amount of data entry. We don’t want election officials to sacrifice accuracy for the sake of speed. We know election officials in all 95 counties are going to do the best they can. We appreciate everyone’s patience as the process works on election night.”

The website will post results on the races for governor, state House and Senate seats, U.S. House and Senate seats, Supreme Court retention questions, appellate court retention questions, and state judicial races. The website will not have results for county races.

In addition to posting results on, the Secretary of State’s office will be sending Election Night updates on Facebook and Twitter.

To check for Facebook updates, please visit

To sign up for Twitter updates, please visit the links listed below:

TN Senate Republican Primary Races –

TN Senate Democratic Primary Races –

TN House Republican Primary Races –

TN House Democratic Primary Races –

TN US House Primary Races –

TN US Senate Primary Races –

TN Governor Primary Races –

TN Supreme Court Retention Races –

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