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Ball: Never Been Contacted by NRA, ‘F’ Rating a ‘Hit Piece’

Press release from the Gordon Ball for U.S. Senate Campaign; September 19, 2014:

U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball’s Statement On NRA F Rating

“This comes as no surprise to me as Sen. Lamar Alexander has received NRA money for years,” U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball said today. “The NRA never contacted me, never asked me to fill out a questionnaire and this is obviously a hit piece. I’m a gun owner and strongly support the Second Amendment. I just happen to have a D in front of my name on the ballot.”

“Let me be clear, the NRA didn’t even ask me that question, they went to an online piece on KnoxViews and decided to give me a score for their pal Lamar,” Ball added. “According to the Sunlight Foundation, he is second with Mitch McConnell in receiving contributions from the National Rifle Association.”

“Obviously the senator from Tennessee is taking this race seriously if he is asking favors from all his connections in Washington. If he wants to discuss these issues, let’s debate and not just go to a breakfast forum scheduled for the second day of early voting.” Ball concluded.

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