Devaney: Ball Will ‘Talk the Talk’ at Farm Bureau Forum, Won’t ‘Walk the Walk’ Later

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Party; October 15, 2014:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—With the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s U.S. Senate forum less than 24 hours away, the Tennessee Republican Party has compiled an online ad and scorecard to highlight how Gordon Ball is trying, but failing, to hide his support of President Barack Obama’s liberal agenda from Tennesseans. The one minute web ad shows Ball unable to name just two issues on which he disagrees with President Obama’s liberal agenda.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney warned, “With the success Gordon Ball has had charming juries, I suspect we could see everything from Atticus Finch to ‘My Cousin Vinny’ during this candidate forum. And just like those courtroom characters, it’s helpful to remember everything from Gordon Ball will be complete fiction, as well.”

Here is a helpful reminder from President Obama and Gordon Ball about what is on the ballot this election: the President’s failed policies. Video Link:

Additionally, with Ball failing to identify any areas of real difference between his campaign and President Obama’s administration, here is a side-by-side review on some of the top issues for Tennesseans contrasting where Gordon Ball really stands with Senator Alexander’s principled views.

Devaney added, “In all seriousness, Gordon Ball is a skilled personal injury lawyer who is going to sound the part; in fact, I predict he’s going to ‘talk the talk’ in this forum as he’s attempted to his entire campaign. His problem is he has no way to ‘walk the walk’ in Washington given how his philosophy is so tethered to President Obama’s views. Tennesseans don’t want a liberal in sheep’s clothing who will mindlessly follow the Obama agenda. Thankfully, with ballots being cast by voters, he won’t get that opportunity.”


Over the last month, the TNGOP has detailed Gordon Ball’s half-truths and missteps including: