TFA: Upcoming Elections Important for TN Gun Owners

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; October 21, 2014:

Early voting has started.

Legislative session is just around the corner. TFA members have let it be known that they want to see constitutional carry (with an inexpensive optional permit for reciprocity) passed into law in 2015!

TFA members are demanding that local control over parks and other public places be eliminated.

TFA members have said repeatedly that they want to be able to store legally possessed personal weapons in personal vehicles even while parked at work without fear of criminal prosecution or job termination.

There are many other items on the list of tasks to remove the infringements on those rights declared sacred by the 2nd Amendment. The primary path is through the hands of elected legislators (state and local).

It is critical that every conservative vote in this election. But not just vote, vote with principle and purpose.

Vote for those who will stand first on constitutional principles. Those like Senator Mae Beavers, Tennessee’s “Iron Lady”, who has stood up for your rights and the Constitutions even if that means standing independent of “party” leadership — even to the point of being targeted by GOP “leaders” in her last primary!

Vote against those whose time in office has demonstrated that they have sold out the constitutions and your rights for a “few pieces of silver” in the format of political power or even financial benefits from the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business.

The job of gun owners and conservatives is to select and support those candidates who are the most likely to hold as a priority the Constitutions as their primary guide in making decisions as a public steward.

Too few of the incumbents have demonstrated a capacity to do this. Almost none of those in leadership positions have this capacity anymore – if ever.

For example, we have an incumbent governor who promised TFA members when he campaigned for office that he would sign constitutional carry. His promise was video taped and is on YouTube. In 4 years, not only has the governor broken this promise but he has actively worked against many of the promises he made – including passage of constitutional carry.

Other incumbents are only “pretend” conservatives. They perhaps firmly believe that they are conservatives, but believing it does not make it so. Indeed, the field of psychiatry has classifications for people who firmly believe as true things that are clearly false. These types of incumbents must be identified and removed from office because they will often do what “leadership” demands rather than to do what the constitution requires.

It is time to vote on principle. Do not get trapped by leadership’s plea to vote for them as the “lesser of two evils”. Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. Voting for the “lesser evil” allows people like Haslam, Obama, and Bloomberg to manipulate the systems to infringe, destroy and suppress your constitutionally protected rights. Voting for the “lesser of two evils” gives us the types of leaders that we have now.

Vote for those who stand on the constitution FIRST even if that means voting for an independent, a member of the minority party or even a write in for someone who frankly was outspent by the Big Business funded war chest of the Establishment.

Changing Tennessee government is not done in a single election. Its a long term process. It requires a plan designed to:

1. EXPOSE the records and positions of anti-gun politicians.

2. IDENTIFY pro-gun statesmen to thank them for their stand.

To do this, we have to put pressure on the candidates and incumbents now and when the Legislature is in session. Putting pressure on politicians, forcing votes on legislation and holding legislators and governors accountable is more than an election season activity. It requires time, commitment and funding. TFA relies on members to support these efforts through membership fees and supplemental donations.

In Liberty

John Harris
TFA Volunteer Executive Director