New ‘No on 1’ Ad Features Clergy Members

Press release from the Vote No on 1 – Tennessee Campaign; October 22, 2014:

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — This week, Vote No on One Tennessee (Vote No on 1), the primary campaign focused on defeating Amendment 1, released a new television advertisement that features four faith leaders. The ad, which is running in the Memphis and Nashville media markets, is a new step in Vote No on 1’s statewide communications plan to make sure voters know about the dangerous consequences of Amendment 1. The campaign continues to air ads in the Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Tri-Cities media markets as well.

Included in the ad, titled “Clergy”, are four faith leaders from Memphis: Rev. Earle Fisher, Abyssinian Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Nichols, Freedom’s Chapel Christian Church; Rev. Dr. Stephen Montgomery, Idlewild Presbyterian Church; and Rev. Walt Tennyson, Rhodes College. They each explain why they oppose Amendment 1 from a place of faith.

“In truth, only families can make these decisions and they do it in alignment with their own faith,” the faith leaders say together in the ad. “It is not for the rest of us to judge. Please vote ‘No’ on Amendment 1, it goes too far.”

The Vote No on 1 television ad campaign has now featured doctors, law scholars, and faith leaders. Amendment 1 is purposely confusing to trick voters and disguise the true intent, and these community leaders and experts help inform voters about the dangerous impact this amendment would have on their families.

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  • jennee343

    Killing babies is wrong. These “clergy” should step down immediately in shame.

  • cannoneer2

    For many of us, this has less to do with abortion than it has to do with handing any more undeserved power to the Tennessee state Legislature.