Ball Supporter: Time to Switch from ‘A’ to ‘B’

Press release from the Gordon Ball Campaign for U.S. Senate; October 27, 2014:

Supporter William P. Biddle III wrote this letter to The Daily Post-Athenian on why he is supporting U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball.

Dear Editor,


I have enthusiastically “A” in his almost forty year political life in Tennessee, from Governor/College President/Senator but it’s time for “A” to follow his own rules which “A” wrote in 1998 about running for office. Rule 297: “Serve Two Terms and Get Out.” “A” needs to follow his own rules but no – he wants to stay in office for three terms – that’s too long. That’s part of the current gridlock in Washington -“career politicians” – more interested in being reelected than what’s good for the country.

I first knew “B” in 1977/78 when we were both delegates to the Tennessee State Constitutional Convention when he was a young lawyer starting a practice in Cocke County, Tennessee. I found “B” to be bright, thoughtful, extremely straightforward and very forthright. What you see and hear from “A” about “B” is – President Obama/Sen. Harry Reid/Obamacare etc., etc.,etc. Nowhere will you see that “B” championed the rights of Tennesseans, especially here in the eastern section, by taking on factories in North Carolina that were polluting rivers and streams that flow into the mountains and stopping that pollution. “A” never accomplished that as governor and now as a senator.

“B” was recently quoted in a response to an “F” rating from the NRA – a grade he says is preposterous – observing “I’m a moonshiner’s son from Cocke County. I have a Glock next to my bed and two shotguns.” “B” is conservative in the Tennessee tradition, and although he is running on the democratic ticket, he is not and will not, be a pawn led around by the senate leadership, but will truly represent Tennessee conservative values, and at the same time get this country moving again.

His decision to run for the Senate as a Democrat in the present political environment is a long shot but no longer than the odds he would prevail by stopping river pollution in Tennessee from North Carolina factories. That is the kind of folk that “B” is “independent” and I urge you to vote for Gordon Ball for Senate, even if it means voting for a “D” (democrat).

William P. Biddle III
Athens, TN