TN Dept. of Education Releases 2014 State Report Card

Press release from the Tennessee Department of Education, October 30, 2014:

NASHVILLE—The 2014 state Report Card­­­­—posted Thursday on the Tennessee Department of Education website—offers users the ability to view detailed breakdowns of last year’s student achievement growth and other important data points.

The 2014 Report Card features a variety of tabs including growth or value-added data, accountability, and education climate. A College and Career Readiness tab features this year’s noteworthy ACT gains, as well as data on graduation rate, college and career readiness benchmarks, and the percentage of students who are eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship.

“We believe it is important for parents, students, and community members to have access to data that shows how their schools are doing,” said Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman. “The functionality of the state Report Card allows parents and the community to not only digest data on area schools, but also organize and compare specific information about students at the state, district, and school level.”

The design of the 2014 Report Card mirrors last year’s Report Card and offers users the ability to create personalized comparisons between schools and districts on a variety of measures, including achievement, ACT scores, graduation rate, student enrollment and ethnicity, and value-added composite scores.

As the state strives to advance outcomes for all Tennessee students, these results allow educators to identify areas that need the most improvement. Through its regional offices, the department provides resources, support, and expert analysis to help districts and schools with data-driven interventions.

To visit the 2014 Report Card, visit Previous state Report Cards can also be viewed under Report Card archives.