Ball Questions Alexander’s Role in Preventing Surgeon General Appointment

Press release from the Gordon Ball Campaign for U.S. Senate; October 31, 2014:

On this Halloween as we look at Sen. Lamar Alexander’s latest costume of a white doctor’s coat, it’s time to unmask the Career Politician

Whether it is donning the plaid shirt of everyday Tennesseans, collecting finders fees as governor or putting on a white coat as he holds Ebola summits around the state, U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball is asking the question today, “Where is our surgeon general?”

“Lamar Alexander threw roadblocks up during hearings in Congress with his colleagues to hinder the appointment of a surgeon general for partisan politics. I know he likes to wear costumes, but this isn’t helping anyone. We don’t have a Surgeon General,” Ball said.

“What makes anyone think that Sen. Lamar Alexander will show up for anything? One person in this country has passed away from Ebola, but he didn’t show up at important votes that would have changed the direction for working Tennesseans. This is a gimmick. Women, students and the potential health crisis regarding Amendment 1, once again against women, are what we need to be talking about. And he is talking about things that will not help people in this state now. Please take off the costume and give us a surgeon general,” Ball added.