TNGOP Releases Open Letter to State Rep. Shepard

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Party; October 31, 2014:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney released an open letter to State Representative David Shepard (D–Dickson) regarding his false attacks on Republican nominee Michael Curcio.

The contents of the letter are re-printed below. A copy of the original may be accessed here.

Dear Representative Shepard:

I am writing today to let you know that you and your campaign recently have stooped to a new low in Tennessee politics. While I don’t expect much in terms of integrity from your Democrat colleagues, I did from you. We do not know each other personally, but have mutual friends, and they have always spoken highly of you. I wonder if they are defending you now?

The fact you are a Bronze Star recipient even heightens the fact that your campaign smears are even more desperate and dishonorable. Specifically, your campaign is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to smear a good man and your opponent, Michael Curcio.

Mr. Curcio has never claimed he was a veteran, as you and your campaign falsely claim.

What he has claimed, which is entirely accurate, is that he assisted in the Iraq War effort. While attending the University of Mississippi, he and his college friends assisted the military by contributing over 5,000 AA batteries to Company “A”, Battalion Landing Team First Battalion, First Marines, Thirteenth Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), Expeditionary Strike Group One. Mr. Curcio received a “Letter of Appreciation” from the Commanding Officer of that Company, thanking Mr. Curcio and his friends for their contributions to the war effort, which provided assistance to the Company in both its training and operational efforts during 2003 and 2004.

Mr. Shepard, if you have any grain of integrity left, you will demand that your campaign take down the false attack ads about Michael Curcio and offer a written public apology to the people of Dickson, Hickman, and Maury Counties for your outright deception. This is not about Democrat or Republican politics—it is about honor.

Thank you for your time.


Chris Devaney
Chairman, Tennessee Republican Party


  • David Shepard has released a barrage of attacks against his opponent in an attempt to hide his liberal record. For example:
    • Per Diem – Over the years, Shepard has accepted thousands of tax dollars as a bonus for driving to work – even though he lives less than 45 miles from the Capitol.
    • Obama Donations – Shepard is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama, even giving him nearly a thousand dollars for his campaigns.
  • Shepard—backed by one of the most liberal members of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Mike Stewart (D—Nashville)—has unleashed false television ads and mailers against Curcio.
  • Thus far this cycle, Stewart’s Tennessee Tomorrow PAC has spent $227,355.69 but has failed to disclose any of their activities as independent expenditures, meaning they must be in-kind contributions coordinated with the candidate. In other words, the media buys in this race prove Shepard is behind them and carry his endorsement.