TSLA Releases Documentary on Sen. Douglas Henry, TN’s Longest-serving Legislator

Press release from the Tennessee State Library and Archives; October 31, 2014:

He’s been called a statesman, a fiscal expert and a champion of the less fortunate. Now State Senator Douglas Henry’s life has been chronicled in a new documentary produced by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

The video, which has a running time of just under 30 minutes, is narrated by former Gov. Winfield Dunn. It covers some of the highlights of Henry’s career and includes remarks from people who worked with him through the years.

Henry is retiring from the Tennessee General Assembly this year after over four decades of service. He served in the General Assembly longer than anyone else in the state’s history.

Henry was known for his ability to crunch numbers and his insistence that the state handle its spending responsibly. He was particularly passionate about the state’s need to effectively manage its debt and its pension fund for public employees.

He also championed many social welfare and conservation initiatives.

“The true challenge in producing a documentary on such a remarkable man as Senator Henry is trying to do justice to his amazing career of public service in the span of thirty minutes. For a lover of history, it’s a fitting way we are able to include a significant part of his life’s history ” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “I had the pleasure of serving with Senator Henry in the General Assembly for 10 years. Senator Henry is someone who earned the respect of those with whom he worked for the betterment of our state. Senator Henry is a legend, a scholar, and a gentleman.”

In addition to his service in the General Assembly, Henry is also active with other civic organizations throughout the community, including the YMCA, the Tennessee Historical Society, the Tennessee State Museum Commission, Kiwanis Club, American Legion, the Tennessee State Museum Foundation Board and the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute Board.

This is the second documentary produced by the State Library and Archives. Last year, the State Library and Archives produced a video chronicling the history of the Tennessee State Capitol. The Tennessee State Library and Archives preserves important state historical documents and makes these records available to the public.

The video is available at http://senhenry.tnsos.net/