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Ball Issues Invitation to Alexander for Final Debate Sunday

Letter from the Gordon Ball Campaign for U.S. Senate; November 1, 2014:

Dear Senator Alexander:

I have accepted Tea Party Candidate Danny Page’s request to debate two days before the General Election in Crossville. Mr. Page and I agree that Tennesseans need to know the differences between our platforms to make an informed decision about the future of not only this state, but for this country.

Over the past few months, my campaign staff and many of our volunteers have been asked to leave events that you were attending around the state. Both Mr. Page and I wish to extend another invitation to participate with us at 5429 Peavine Rd, Crossville, TN 38571 tomorrow at 2 p.m. CST so voters can hear what you have to say about the minimum wage, equal pay for women and your views on each Amendment that will appear on Tuesday’s ballot.

We know that you have met with grasstop leaders in Tennessee, and we are hoping that you will be eager to appear before your consituents who are looking for the same opportunities you’ve been afforded throughout your storied and well-documented career of 40 years in public office.

The citizens of Tennessee would like to know about the Chickamauga Dam and Locke in Chattanooga. Tennesseans would like to know why you voted against student loan relief for the next generation of leaders. Why have you tried to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act countless times without offering an alternative? There are so many questions that Tennesseans have which they want answers.

We hope to see you in Crossville. There really isn’t any reason to be afraid of a $75 chicken suit. We promise, we will retire the chicken once we see you tomorrow.

Best Wishes,
U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball

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