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Herron: TNDP Held Ground Against ‘Flood’ of ‘Outside Money’

Press release from the Tennessee Democratic Party; November 5, 2014:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron released the following statement regarding the November 4th, 2014 elections:

“Facing a flood of millions in outside money being spent by Republicans and special interests, Tennessee Democrats held our ground and fought back against reckless and untrue attacks on our incumbents.

“The Tennessee Democratic Party spent over a quarter-million dollars to fight fire with fire and protect our state legislative incumbents this cycle, far more than what was spent two years ago. And thanks to those efforts, Rep. Darren Jernigan and Rep. Bo Mitchell increased their margins, and Democrats held and even gained ground in rural Tennessee, with Rep. David Shepard being re-elected and with House District 43 becoming Democratic as Kevin Dunlap joins the House Democratic Caucus as its newest member.

“We are also proud to welcome three incredible new members to the Senate Democratic Caucus- three rising stars in Lee Harris, Sara Kyle, and Jeff Yarbro.”

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