Plaintiffs in Amendment 1 Lawsuit: ‘Count the Votes Correctly’

Press release from Tracey George, Lead Plaintiff in Amendment 1 Lawsuit; November 13, 2014:

A look at the numbers shows there are still a lot of questions to be answered

November 13, 2014 – Last week, a complaint was filed with the United District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee alleging that the state’s method of counting votes on Amendment 1 for the 2014 election violated the voters’ rights by not accurately counting those ballots in compliance with Tennessee’s constitution.

Following days of misleading statements from the supporters of Amendment 1, lead plaintiff Tracey George released the following statement:

“Let’s count the votes correctly. Our democracy is based on the belief that everyone’s vote counts equally but, through the method used to count votes on amendments, Tennessee officials have seriously cast that into doubt. This is about following our constitution and tabulating the outcome of Amendment 1 based on the voters who cast a ballot for governor. To argue otherwise is to try and rig the game to ensure you get the result you want and, in doing so, to say one person’s vote counts more than someone else’s, that they are more important to our democracy.

“Without all of the information on the ballots cast, the outcome cannot yet be calculated. To be clear, the number of non-qualified votes is not known yet and will only be known when the state provides that information. Only then will we have an accurate count, and continued statements to the contrary by Vote Yes advocates do not change that fact.”

  • Votes cast on governor race: 1,352,608
  • Votes cast on Amendment 1: 1,385,178
  • Votes left to be counted: unknown
    • Citizens serving in the military
    • Absentee ballots
    • Provisional ballots
    • Write-in ballots for governor
    • Unreported in person ballots
  • Number of plaintiffs: 8
    • 1 pastor
    • 1 small business owner
    • 2 professors
    • 2 medical professionals
    • 1 volunteer coordinator
    • 1 public health director
  • Number of votes cast for governor in support of, or against, Amendment 1: unknown

For a copy of the full complaint please click here.