Herron Releases Statement on Hospitalization

Statement from Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron; December 2, 2014:

Yesterday, I experienced some discomfort in my chest. I immediately went to a hospital and after testing it was determined I had a blockage of an artery to my heart. I underwent a heart catheterization, a stent was inserted and I am pain free and out of danger. My caregivers have informed me that I can be released from the hospital tomorrow and that I should have no permanent effects from this episode.

As Winston Churchill said, “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at with no result.” By the grace of God, I dodged a bullet. I’m so grateful for my wife and my sons who have rallied around me. I am grateful I could go to the emergency room when I first felt something was wrong. I am especially grateful that I am not one of the 320,000 Tennesseans who, because of the indifference of the Tea Party dominated legislature, do not have access to health insurance. I knew I could afford to seek medical care so I did so without delay and avoided a more serious health event.

As I recover here tonight, I have been made aware that there are some in Tennessee who are worried about my health and who want to know that I am not in danger. I wanted to issue this statement to let everyone know that my journey is not yet done, I am well and happy and in the company of my wife Nancy, and that I am at this moment remembering what my Sainted Mother used to say, “Don’t you wish everyone had it so good?”

Roy Herron
Tennessee Democratic Party