Tea Party Slams Tax Giveaway to Bridgestone

Press Release from the Nashville Tea Party, Dec. 2, 2014:

NO to Corporate Welfare: Bridgestone should pay their fair share of taxes.

NASHVILLE: The Nashville Tea Party, a Tennessee non-profit group, today expressed strong opposition to the proposed taxpayer funded handouts to Bridgestone Corporation. “If Bridgestone wants the money of Davidson County citizens, they should offer them a quality product instead of negotiating in total secrecy with our elected officials for taxpayer funded handouts and corporate welfare,” said Ben Cunningham, President of the Nashville Tea Party. “If Bridgestone truly wants to be a partner with the citizens of Davidson County, then let them pay their fair share of taxes for all the many services they will require. Metro Nashville taxpayers should not be forced to play Santa Claus for mega-rich multinational corporations,” he added.

Cunningham continued, “Frankly, we are under no illusions that the Metro Council will resist the temptation to hand over millions in taxpayer money to Bridgestone. However, at the very least they should take this opportunity to consider restrictions on future deals such as 1) limiting the total amount of corporate welfare available in a single year, and 2) requiring that negotiations for these deals be conducted in public so the press and citizens are informed just as they would be with any other huge expenditure of public money. Taxpayers deserve no less.”

Economic Development is an impressive sounding term, but it has devolved into little more than legal bribery to gain the favor of huge corporations. Politicians in different states and localities compete with each other to see how much taxpayer money they can throw at huge multinational corporations.

“We hope the next Mayor and Metro Council will remember this corporate welfare deal the next time they consider a tax hike for taxpaying families in Nashville.” Taxpayers outside the central business district are often asked to subsidize large corporations in the downtown area.