Womick: ‘I Do Not Condone’ Robo Call Attacks on Harwell, Staff

Statement from State Rep. Rick Womick, R-Rockvale; December 2, 2014:

It has come to my attention that there are now a series of “Robo Calls” being sent to legislative office numbers and legislator cell phone numbers that are once again attacking Speaker Harwell, her staff, and other legislative employees on a personal level. Though I have not personally heard any of these “Robo Calls,” these calls are apparently targeting the character and personalities of all who are mentioned. As I stated earlier when there were multiple emails sent out attacking the Speaker and the legislative staff, I do not condone, do not support, nor am I responsible for any phone calls that degrade, attack, or misrepresent the character of Speaker Harwell or of any individual associated with the Tennessee House of Representatives.

This is nothing more than another attempt to make it look like I am personally attacking the Speaker and the legislative staff. I reiterate, my bid for speaker is based on a fundamental disagreement in leadership style and a lack of accountability to the members of the Republican caucus. My decision to challenge Speaker Harwell is not of a personal nature, and I will not allow these deplorable tactics, to turn this election into a campaign centered around character assassination and “gutter” politics.

As I mentioned in an earlier press statement, serving as Speaker of the House is a very serious matter and an extremely important position in our state’s government. Such a position of leadership should not be treated as inconsequential. Instead it should be fully vetted before anyone is allowed to assume the office. I will remain respectful and professional as I address the discrepancies in our current leadership, and I will continue to stay focused on the issues and the facts, offering the choice of new leadership, with new direction, fresh ideas, and a Speaker that serves under the authority of the members of the caucus. We must stay focused on the authority given to us by the people of Tennessee, which is to govern and enact laws that best serve all Tennesseans.