Nashville Tea Party Urges Tennesseans to Reject Obamas ‘Disregard for the Constitution’

Press release from the Nashville Tea Party; December 9, 2014:

Nashville: The Nashville Tea Party, a Tennessee non-profit group, today called on all Tennesseans to reject President Obama’s message of lawless disregard for the Constitution. “We certainly never thought we would lock arms, so to speak, with the Washington Post editorial board and a Liberal Law Professor like Jonathan Turley and proclaim the President of the United States to be acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally,” said Ben Cunningham, President of the Nashville Tea Party.

Cunningham continued.”Here is the one person most responsible for enforcing U.S. laws and he is making a mockery of those who spend years and thousands of dollars in a sincere effort to obey U.S. immigration laws and become U.S citizens. Put simply, you would be a fool to follow the immigration law given the President’s actions.”

President Obama publicly stated on no less than 21 occasions that he lacked the Constitutional authority to take unilateral action on immigration. The Washington Post in their November 17 editorial condemning the proposed executive action, said: “In Mr. Obama’s own words, acting alone is ‘not how our democracy functions.'”

“Even more dangerous and worrisome, President Obama is giving tacit encouragement to the vast network of groups who facilitate illegal immigration both inside and outside the United States. President Obama has just green lighted vast new waves of illegal immigrants who will endanger their lives and in many cases pay criminals thousands to help them in a conspiracy to violate U.S. immigration law,” Cunningham added. “President Obama has made a bad situation much, much worse in just about every way. For decades we have depended on Congress to hold the President accountable for enforcing immigration laws and securing the border and for decades both the President and Congress have failed us miserably. Now we have a President who has simply declared unilaterally that immigration laws are irrelevant. This is a very sad day for the American Experiment.”