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TFA Urges TN House Republicans to Support Womick for Speaker

Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; December 9, 2014:

TFA sent the following message to each member of the Tennessee General Assembly:

Each of the members of the Tennessee House of Representatives will soon be called upon to vote on the officer of Speaker.

In the last few years, numerous promises have been made by those seeking elected office in Tennessee regarding what “Republicans” would do if they were to be given a numerical majority in the General Assembly and/or supported for the office of Governor. Indeed, Bill Haslam actually promised the Tennessee Firearms Association that he would sign into law legislation adopting “Constitutional Carry” when such legislation came to him. Indeed, here is the video of Bill Haslam standing in a meeting in Nashville of the Tennessee Firearms Association which such promise was made.

In four (4) years, that has not occurred. Similarly, the TFA has had a long standing history with Rep. Beth Harwell and knows too well her predispositions toward the Second Amendment. We know too well the shenanigans that occurred in 2014 when it appears that Rep. Charles Sargent was instructed to make sure that the 2nd Amendment legislation sponsored by Rep. VanHuss be stopped in House Finance even if that required the use and reliance on a misleading and probably fraudulent fiscal note from the Administration.

For these and other reasons, the Tennessee Firearms Association believes that Tennesseans deserve a House Speaker who has demonstrated that he or she is guided by core constitutional principles, by stewardship for the public, and by a focus on fair and proper oversight of the legislative procedures so that stunts like the shenanigans involving knowingly false fiscal notes and other leadership stunts are eliminated from this upcoming legislative session.

TFA encourages all House members – Republicans and Democrats – to set aside partisan payoffs when constitutional principles should take a priority. TFA encourages all House members to vote for Rep. Rick Womick as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives.

TFA realizes that there is likely precedent for House members – particularly the Republicans – to be receiving pressure from “GOP leaders” perhaps even the office of the Governor to vote only for Beth Harwell. Some might even be receiving “warnings” that if they do not vote for Beth Harwell that they might well sustain “unrelated” reductions in administrative discretionary spending in their districts on things like roads, bridges and essential services in their districts. Please have the courage as the elected representatives of the people in your district to not only disregard these “warnings” but to report them to the public so that they can be evaluated in the sunshine of public opinion. Please set those warnings aside and elect a Speaker who will not tolerate such abuses.

Again, we ask you to support Rep. Rick Womick for Speaker.

John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association

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