Beacon Center Pushes Experimental Treatments for Terminally Ill Patients in New Healthcare Package

Press release from the Beacon Center of Tennessee; December 16, 2014:

Reform package shows benefits of “right-to-try” and drawbacks of Medicaid expansion

NASHVILLE – Today, the Beacon Center released its healthcare package, in which a brand new policy priority for the upcoming legislative session was announced. “Right-to-try” legislation would give hope to the terminally ill by allowing them to use experimental drugs that have passed safety testing, but have not yet been approved by the FDA.

“We are proud to press for this reform that would have will have an immediate benefit to terminally ill Tennesseans.” said Beacon CEO Justin Owen. “We cannot afford to wait any longer to give the sickest among us the hope they so desperately need. This is an issue that both Democrats and Republicans can get behind.”

The package also includes some of the negative aspects of expanding Medicaid, including a recent Beacon study conducted with with State Budget Solutions, which shows the negative economic impact of expanding Medicaid. Additionally, an op-ed by Lindsay Boyd that was featured in Forbes, infographics showing the high percentage of doctors who are in favor of “right-to-try”, and stories of those negatively impacted by Obamacare are also included in the comprehensive package.

You can take a look at the entire healthcare reform package here.