Bell: TN State Gov’t Becoming Smaller, More Efficient

Press release from the Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus; December 17, 2014:

Government Operations Committee reports on efforts to make state government more efficient

NASHVILLE – Tennessee’s state government is becoming smaller and more efficient according to a report from Senate Government Operations Committee Chairman Mike Bell (R-Riceville) released at a meeting of the group today in Nashville. During the 108th General Assembly, which extended from January 2013 to November 2014, the committee terminated 17 agencies, while merging eight and restructuring two.

“As Tennessee’s budget continues to be strained, it is more important than ever that we streamline state government and make it more efficient and effective,” said Chairman Bell. “It’s essential to weed through the layers of government and find where efficiencies can be realized, without compromising the services that the people of Tennessee need. This committee is vital to that process.”

The Senate Government Operations Committee is responsible for creating, reauthorizing, reorganizing or sunsetting about 275 departments, commissions, boards, agencies or councils of state government. The Committee also reviews regulations promulgated by all agencies of state government.

Bell said the Government Operations Committee has conducted over 150 sunset hearings over the two-year period. They also maintained timely rule reviews for over 350 rules which come before the committee for oversight.

“We have a tremendous group of lawmakers on this committee,” added Bell. “Their work and attention to detail has been a great asset to help ensure our government operates more efficiently and effectively. I am very hopeful that these efforts will continue in the 109th General Assembly.”