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Duncan Reappointed Vice Chair of House Transportation Committee

Press release from U.S. Rep. John Duncan, R-Tenn. 02; January 13, 2015:

WASHINGTON – Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) was reappointed Vice Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Tuesday, a key position that will allow him to help write and pass major transportation legislation the 114th Congress.

“I believe deeply in the work of the Transportation Committee, as it affects every American on a daily basis. Major highway and aviation bills are being crafted this year, and I am excited to continue my work to bring more efficiency to transportation projects,” Duncan said.  “We now take on average three times as long and incur three times the cost of any other developed nation to complete transportation infrastructure projects because of excessive rules, red tape, and environmental regulations.”

“Last Congress, the Committee was able to work together to accomplish a number of our policy and legislative goals to help strengthen America’s infrastructure and bolster the Nation’s competitiveness,” Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) said.  “A great deal of our success was attributable to our committee’s excellent leadership team.  With the return of Congressman Duncan as Full Committee Vice Chairman, I am confident we will be able to continue effectively addressing the needs of our transportation system.”

Rep. Duncan has served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee since 1989, serving in various leadership roles, including:  Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Public Buildings and Economic Development (1993-1994); Chairman, Subcommittee on Aviation (1995-2000); Chairman, Water Resources Subcommittee (2001-2006); Ranking Member, Highways and Transit Subcommittee (2007-2010); Chairman, Highways and Transit Subcommittee (2011-2012); Vice Chairman, Full Committee (2013-present).

Rep. Duncan also serves as a Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

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