State Freezes Federal Marketplace Enrollment for Community Health Alliance

Press release from the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance; January 15, 2015:

NASHVILLE – Enrollment has been frozen today on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for Tennessee consumers seeking to purchase insurance plans through Community Health Alliance (CHA).

This suspension of enrollment is a preventative measure to support the long-term viability of CHA and the protection of Tennessee consumers. CHA plans to resume general enrollment later this year when the 2016 open enrollment period begins.

“Freezing enrollment in CHA was a decision we made after lengthy discussions with CHA leadership, the Department of Health and Human Services and an analysis of CHA’s financial conditions and projections,” said Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak. “This course of action is the best one for CHA and for Tennessee consumers.”

While the freeze removes CHA from the Marketplace, there are still four insurance carriers offering coverage on the FFM – the same number of carriers on the exchange in 2014 – where Tennessee consumers can choose from a range of insurance plans, depending on their location.

In early January, CHA reported to TDCI that their enrollment had grown exponentially from 2014 to 2015 and had significantly outpaced expectations. At the request of CHA, TDCI sought and received federal approval to suspend CHA’s enrollment. The enrollment freeze is currently set to last for 180 days, pursuant to federal statutes and regulations.

Commissioner McPeak and her staff in the Division of Insurance will continue to closely monitor CHA and will remain in regular communication with CHA leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I bought insurance through CHA, will the freeze change my coverage?

  • No.  The coverage you bought will remain in effect.

Can I continue to buy insurance through CHA?

  • No.  The company will not be enrolling new individual applicants or groups.

Will I be paying more for my premiums after the freeze?

  • No.  Premiums will remain the same for calendar year 2015.

What does this freeze mean to providers?

  • The freeze does not affect providers. The freeze only has an impact on CHA enrollment.

Does the freeze mean CHA is still financially solvent?

  • The company remains licensed to do business in Tennessee and is able to pay claims. The Department has not taken legal action against the company.

What if I have a qualifying event, such as getting married or having a child?

  • Individuals with qualifying events will be able to modify their existing coverage with CHA. For the time being, modifications to coverage must be done by Marketplace officials.

Where else can I enroll for insurance in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace?

  • Visit for access to insurers participating in the FFM or call 1-800-318-2596. There will be up to four carrier options on the FFM, depending on your geographic location.

Who should I contact at TDCI if I have questions?

  • TDCI Director of Consumer Insurance Services Vickie Trice can be reached at (615) 741-2218 or 1-800-342-4029 or by email at Consumers may also contact Community Health Alliance.