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Rep. Powell Announces Support for Insure TN

Press release from State Rep. Jason Powell, D-Nashville; January 21, 2015:

Over the last couple of weeks, I have thoroughly reviewed Governor Haslam’s Insure Tennessee Plan, listened to the constituents of House District 53, and asked questions to the Administration as well as healthcare experts.  After careful consideration, I support Insure Tennessee and will vote for the proposal when given the opportunity on the House Floor.

Insure Tennessee is a unique Tennessee plan that will provide 200,000 working Tennesseans the opportunity to have basic healthcare.  Insure Tennessee takes a conservative approach to insuring more Tennesseans by offering new private market choices while promoting personal responsibility through cost-sharing components of the plan.  Most importantly, the proposal will not create any new taxes for Tennesseans or add any state cost to the budget.

I hope my fellow legislators will put people above politics, governing before elections, and pragmatism over ideology in consideration of Insure Tennessee.  I believe it is important to make my support known now to continue building consensus on both sides of the aisle.  I will assist as needed during the special session of the General Assembly to help win passage of this resolution.  There are 200,000 working Tennesseans counting on 132 legislators to do the right thing.  These working Tennesseans can count on me to support Insure Tennessee and continue moving our state forward.

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