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Harris: Out of State Special Interests Pressing Legislators to Choose Politics Over People

Press release from the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus; January 27, 2015:

Leader: “It’s easy to be a critic, but we were elected to govern.”

NASHVILLE – Political mailers and radio ads funded by out-of-state interests are putting undue pressure on legislators to consider politics first, people second, Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said.

“Instead of listening to out-of-state special interests, we should be hearing from people who are working but still can’t afford quality health care,” state Sen. Lee Harris said. “It’s easy to be a critic, but we were elected to govern.”

Mailers and radio spots funded by the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity have blanketed the state at a time when legislators are considering whether to expand Medicaid for 200,000 Tennesseans, half of whom work but can’t afford health insurance.

“Unfortunately, the Tennesseans whose lives would change with access to health care can’t afford to influence legislators in the same way,” Sen. Harris said.

A copy of an Americans for Prosperity funded mailing sent to Chattanooga-area constituents is attached below.

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