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Rep. Powell Invites Public to Suggest Bills

Press release from Tennessee Rep. Jason Powell, D-Nashville; January 29, 2015:

Any successful business asks customers for suggestions about what can be done to improve their product, and government must do the same. I want to engage the public in my quest for great new legislative ideas.

For anyone thinking, “I wish someone would make this a law” this is the opportunity! I’m inviting the public to send me a proposal, in 250 words or less, for a bill he or she would sponsor as a representative. Every proposal will be considered no matter if it is from a Democrat, Republican, independent or tea partier.

I will read all suggestions and narrow the list down to my preferred ideas, then I will contact the sponsor to get a more in-depth take on their proposed legislation. I will select at least one idea and run it as a bill. There is a possibility that the bill won’t become law because it will ultimately have to pass the General Assembly and be signed by the governor. However, it will not fail for lack of trying on my part.

Let’s see if this if this year’s best piece of legislation comes from a constituent, not a politician. My goal is not to revolutionize the legislative process, but to simply increase public participation in governance with the hope of passing legislation to improve Tennessee.

Anyone can email me with their name, address and legislative idea in 250 words or less at or submit at before Thursday, February 5.

Rep. Jason L. Powell
District 53, Davidson County
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 34 – Legislative Plaza
Nashville, TN 37243

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