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TN AFL-CIO Disappointed by General Assembly Failure to Pass ‘Insure TN’

Press release from AFL-CIO Tennessee Chapter President Gary Moore; February 5, 2015:

NASHVILLE, TN– Now that the dust from yesterday’s vote on Insure Tennessee is starting to settle, I wanted to take a moment to share my final thoughts on what could have been a positive change for over 250,000 Tennesseans.

Many of the numbers have been noted quite a bit, but I want to draw your attention to them one more time. As House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh posted outside of his office yesterday, our state has now lost $1 BILLION and hundreds of people have died as a result of our lawmakers’ inaction. If those figures aren’t a wake-up call to Tennesseans, I don’t know what will open their eyes to the seriousness of this problem.

Like many others, I am extremely disappointed in Senators Crowe, Bell, Bowling, Gardenhire, Kelsey, Niceley, and Roberts for their heartless decision.  However, I would like to commend Senators Massey, Briggs, Jackson, and Yarbro for making the right choice. In addition, I would also like to thank House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and Senator Doug Overbey for sponsoring this resolution.

As many of our Democratic leaders have noted, we will continue to fight. Yesterday was a dark day in our state’s history, but we will never let uninsured Tennesseans become a distant memory. All of us deserve access to affordable, quality health care, and we will continue to remind our legislators of that until they recognize it, too.
Gary Moore is the president of the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council.

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