AFP-TN Releases 2015 Legislative Agenda

Press release from Americans for Prosperity – Tennessee; March 6, 2015:

Defend Tennessee Taxpayers

Phase out and repeal the Hall Income Tax – Let taxpayers keep their hard-earned money and increase their purchasing power in our state’s economy.

Protect Patients

Oppose Medicaid Expansion at the state level while working to repeal ObamaCare at the federal level. Medicaid expansion is bad deal for taxpayers and patients; it does not increase access to care.

Right to Try- Allow terminally ill patients to access drugs that have passed phase 1 of the FDA approval process. The government should not stand in the way of terminally ill patients having every medical opportunity available to them.

Promote reliable and affordable energy

Push back on EPA regulations- Stand up to the EPA by passing legislation prohibiting the use of state funds to comply with their burdensome new regulations- such regulations have an enormous economic cost for a fractional environmental gain. The EPA has clearly exceeded its authority and proposes to trample state sovereignty.

Put Children First

Oppose federal overreach in Education– Repealing and replacing Common Core with Tennessee standards is the first step of many to regaining control of our education system. By adopting mandates from Washington, DC in our schools, our state has unnecessarily invited the federal bureaucracy into a realm that is intended to be controlled by our local and state governments. With local control we can adjust for changes as needed and not be tied to as many federal mandates.

Support Parent / School Choice – Support education reforms that give parents more direct choices about how their children are educated. We support parent-trigger legislation, Education Savings Accounts and Opportunity Scholarships. Parents should have more options to make the educational choices that work best for their children.