‘Meddling Politicians’ Should Stay Out of Abortion Decisions: Kyle

Press Release from the Democratic Caucus of the Tennessee State Senate, March 24, 2015:

Legislation would add unnecessary medical procedures at a difficult time

NASHVILLE – A slate of bills related to abortion that are being considered today will make life difficult for women already facing extremely difficult decisions, state Sen. Sara Kyle said.

“Women should be left to make their own decisions with their families, their doctors and their faith – not meddling politicians,” state Sen. Sara Kyle said. “Instead of playing politics with health care, we should talk about the things that would change lives, like better access to prenatal care and equal pay.”

Republicans have taken aim at women’s health care after ignoring the real economic health of their families. Legislation proposed today in the House Health Subcommittee could potentially close reproductive health clinics and force women to undergo costly, medically unnecessary procedures.

“Women still earn 80 cents on the dollar to men in this state. It’s a $7 billion problem,” Sen. Kyle said. “But instead, Republicans are going out of their way to close health care facilities that provide a broad range of health care services that women need.”