Senate Minority Leader Credits Dems for Jamming Up ‘Guns-in-Parks’ Prior to NRA Convention

Press Release from the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus, April 10, 2015:

NRA Can’t Have Guns in TN Parks; Democrats successfully delay guns in parks past NRA convention

NASHVILLE – As the NRA convention begins today, its members won’t be allowed to carry weapons in Tennessee parks, thanks to Democratic efforts to delay legislation aimed at pleasing special interests.

Republicans scrambled in the past few weeks to pass a guns-in-parks bill as a welcome to the National Rifle Association convention.

“It seems to me that this time around the NRA not only tried to dictate the terms of legislation, but also the timing of it,” Sen. Harris said. “This is a terrible way to make public policy. The good news is that the NRA and other interest groups were not allowed to hijack the legislative process, and our cities – for now – can still take measures to keep their parks safe.

“That’s not just a win for Democrats. It’s a win for Nashville and folks tired of the special interests driving government.”

SB 1171 takes away a city’s ability to prohibit weapons in public parks. With different versions having passed in the Senate and House, the legislation must come before the Senate again, after the NRA convention.