TN Transportation Coalition to Provide ‘Support, Testimony’ in Tracy’s Summer Funding Hearings

Press release from the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee; April 24, 2015:

NASHVILLE – “The members of the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee are grateful to Sen. Tracy for his stand on Tennessee’s long-term transportation infrastructure funding and for advocating for this critical issue to be brought up when the legislature reconvenes next year.

“Sen. Tracy has committed to furthering the discussion this summer and fall by hosting transportation funding hearings across Tennessee. These hearings will be a platform for lawmakers, residents and community leaders to discuss ideas for reforming the current method of funding – a method that isn’t bringing in the dollars needed to adequately maintain and expand our state’s roads and bridges.

“The coalition will provide support and testimony for Sen. Tracy’s hearings.”

–          Susie Alcorn, executive director of the Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance

Video of Sen. Tracy’s remarks on the Senate floor is available at (Sen. Tracy’s remarks begin at time mark1:51:00.)

  • cannoneer2

    If it’s so darned important we can divert the 50 million or so that will be appropriated for renovating the Legislature’s new housing…