TNDP: GOP Supermajority Out of Touch on Medicaid Expansion

Press Release from the Democratic Party of Tennessee, May 20, 2015:

(NASHVILLE, Tenn., May , 2015) — Last week, Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell admitted that Insure Tennessee failed because of politics as usual. Insure Tennessee was a “political issue,” she said, and she was unable to convince members of the Republican majority to hold a full floor discussion and vote on the proposal, which would have given 280,000 hardworking Tennesseans access to affordable health care. In response to Speaker Harwell’s admission TNDP Chair Mary Mancini issued the following statement:

“Rarely do we get such a candor from Republican leadership.” Mancini said, “Speaker Harwell knows that members of her own party put politics above the people they supposedly represent. It’s no secret that the national Republican Party plays partisan politics with access to affordable health care and Tennessee Republicans have fallen in lock step.”

A recent Vanderbilt Poll indicates that two-thirds of Tennesseans surveyed want the entire legislative body to discuss and vote on the health insurance proposal, illustrating a disconnect between the goals of Republican lawmakers and what the people of Tennessee want their legislators to do.

“It’s a clear case of party allegiance trumping what Tennesseans want – access to affordable health care, functioning rural hospitals, and fiscal responsibility,” Mancini said, “Instead of listening to the people who voted them into office, Tennessee Republicans chose to serve themselves and their political party. Tennessee Democrats will continue to lead the fight for hardworking Tennesseans by working for access to affordable health care in all 95 counties and strong community hospitals that save lives and stimulate the local economy.”