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New TN Logo Voted Most Egregious Example of Government Waste in Beacon Center Poll

Press Release from the Beacon Center of Tennessee, June 16, 2015:

Despised New State Logo Wins Pork of the Year

This year, for the first time in Beacon history, we let the public decide which instance of government waste should be named the Pork of the Year, and after hundreds of votes in an online poll, we have a winner!

It was a close matchup but in the end, the new $46,000 Tennessee logo debacle took the high honors, barely edging out the $165 million taxpayer handout to Volkswagen by a vote of 47% to 39%. A local government official’s taxpayer-funded trip to Disney World came in a distant third with 14%. To read a little bit more about the nominees, you can click here.

Beacon Communications Director Mark Cunningham stated, “While there were many deserving candidates for Pork of the Year, there was none more deserving than the Tennessee logo fiasco. Although our team has absolutely no graphic design experience, it took us an entire minute and 45 seconds in Mac Paintbrush to create the same design for our Pork Report.” The design is below.

The full 2015 Pork Report, which remains Beacon’s most famous annual publication, will be released in mid-July.


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