TN State Museum Managers Say They’ve Addressed Comptroller Audit’s Findings

Statement from the Tennessee State Museum, Oct. 5, 2015:

The management of the Tennessee State Museum has responded to all of the audit findings and those responses are contained in Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s full report. This audit is the museum’s five year sunset audit that all state agencies go through. Whenever comprehensive, thorough, and time-intensive audits are conducted, whether in a nonprofit or for-profit environment, a few findings aren’t unexpected. All of the findings point out strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s paperwork, policies, and procedures or protocols, all of which we believe to be helpful in providing additional checks and balances for operational implementation. We have addressed all of the audit’s findings under which we have control either by strengthening internal policies and procedures or by implementing new technology to continue to ensure the safety and security of all artifacts.