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Kyle Opposes Outsourcing Government Jobs

Press release from Sen. Sara Kyle, October 13, 2015:

Sen. Kyle stands up for state workers who Haslam adminstration proposes to outsource

NASHVILLE – Lawmakers refused to hear from state employees whose livelihoods would be affected by a proposal to outsource state jobs in a meeting of the Fiscal Review Committee today.

“The administration failed to convince me that such a massive outsourcing of jobs would save the state money,” Sen. Kyle said. “State workers tell a different story – that previous attempts to outsource jobs were too costly and inefficient. We owe it to taxpayers to hear both sides of the issue before we make a decision.”

A motion today by Sen. Kyle to hear from the employees next month failed for lack of a second. The committee had just heard a proposal from the Haslam administration to outsource building management at 940 million square feet of state facilities – including campuses, prisons and National Guard armories.

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