TNDP Chairwoman: GOP ‘Playing Politics’ with Refugee Issue

Press release from the Democratic Party of Tennessee, Nov. 17, 2017:

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini has released the following statement to address Republican letter regarding refugees:

“Governor Haslam’s letter calling for the federal government to halt placement of refugees in Tennessee is a mistake because it ignores our founding principles. It ignores that we offer hope to those fleeing from violence and tyranny. It ignores that we offer opportunity to those who will grasp it. It ignores that our strength lies in our welcoming those who seek a better life and that our power comes from generations of immigrants that came here to make a better life for their children.

“But it’s also a mistake because rather than reaching out to the federal government to have a substantive conversation about keeping our state safe, he and the Republicans in the State House and State Senate are offering us the same old politically-motivated, reactionary response that shows a startling lack of independent thought. It also shows that, once again, Republicans in Tennessee are more interested in playing politics than solving problems.”